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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 7, 2017 6:59am-8:04am EDT

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and this hearing is now closed. recess comes at the call of the chair. to reconvene still at 9:30.
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host: president trump sat down with nancy pelosi and chuck and struck a deal. gop leaders in the room and his to sury secretary wanted raise the government's borrowing power for 18 months. but the president agreed with democrats and they will fund the government until december along billion in funding for hurricane harvey victims. the headlines on the deal this
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morning. washington times trump okay's request to borrow and spend. times trump bypasses gop to strike a deal on the debt. "wall street journal," trump irking the n debt gop. thoughts on t your the deal struck with democrats for three months to fund the overnment, raise the debt ceiling, and provide funding for victims.e harvey let's begin with the north nt who went to dakota yesterday to push tax reform and said this about his meeting with democratic leaders. prior to leaving the white house, i had a great bipartisan meeting with democrat and
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leaders in congress. i'm committed to working with deliver for our wonderful, wonderful citizens. it's about time. we had a great meeting with schumer, nancy pelosi, and republican leadership group and we walked out of everybody, , paul, kevin, and we walked out and everybody was happy. because you can never be too happy but they were happy enough and it was nice to for a change n because that has not happened for a long time in this country. >> the president yesterday in north dakota saying that he has democrats to with keep the government running through december. for 18ders wanted a deal months. the "washington post" reports this. confounded his party's leaders when he cut a deal with democratic congressional leaders. chuck and nancy on a short term
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fund the government. the president's surprise stance p ended sensitive negotiations over the debt ceiling this pall his -- deflect a year r what has been of grid lock and missed opportunities for republicans on capitol hill. the "washington post" this morning. inside the post, the story in siding with democrats, the president overruled his own treasury who was in the middle of an explanation backing a incorrect when the president interrupted him and disagreed according to a person riefed on the meeting who was not authorized to comment publicly. trump was in deal cutting mode, said.rson tacit supportough dreamer's bill.
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details give you more about that meeting in the oval office yesterday but what do you think about the president democrats?th mickey in milwaukee who's a republican. to you first. republican a forever. straight ticket. i reluctantly voted for president trump. republican ion as a but to do that. i could not vote for hillary. am just blind sided by the deal that president trump made. it was the exact thing unfortunate exact thing that the epublicans needed to get a longer extension on the debt limit. of treasury tary was really pushing for that. he's a very level headed guy. have no idea the man who said he's a master of negotiations power and then strikes a
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deal with chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. they are the exact reasons why i voted for donald trump. aside but ut them this is how he wants to make a deal. daca isappointed in the situation. i don't think he has a strategy. he has no idea what he's doing. kept tweeting to speaker ryan that he's a democrat and he is a democrat. thing he's given us is court that's nothing. we lost one conservative, gained one. it's not like he was replaced with a conservative. has done nothing for the republicans. he's an embarrassment to the party can host: the "new york times" this and ng, trump makes a deal divide.a conservative the president of for america and a trump supporter says these are
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moments that can derail president trump's presidency and he said that the president's would be watching the next few months carefully. teflon.t he spent some of his own capital do you agree? >> absolutely. e ruined his political capital because special investigator bob mueller is going to impeach the president and he's going to need majority leader. he's truly lost the republican party and everybody who calls nto c-span and complains about the congressional people, we're all calling into "washington journal." don't you try to run for office anticipate see how difficult it is to run for office. the body complains about money that the congressional people make. to find and try somewhere to live in washington d.c. or virginia and see how it is to live
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host: mickey, you mentioned who was itch mcconnell in that meeting. here's what he had to say when he came to the cameras later in day yesterday about the deal struck. created by hurricane harvey and hurricane irma which must be addressed this week. the debt ceiling expiring because there's more the secretary of treasury needs to do than the him.nt debt creel ago lous if this is not an emergency, i what is.w in a meeting at the white house, he president agreed with senator schumer and do a sswoman pelosi to three-month cr and a debt december and that's what i will be offering based on the president's decision to the
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bill. try to get 60 votes and move forward. host: meet the swamp, donald agenda to september december after meeting with congress. rick in idaho, republican. what do you think about this? morning. i've got an answer and not a ceiling.t to the debt it's called order code subject foreign spending. last two pages which identifies we spend since 1946 to 2012. $1,077,000,000,000. drieding that by 66 years, we
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annual average of -- let's reduce foreign aid and $8 billion, redirect funds to hurricane funds down there in texas. spending eign aid and by an additional $4 billion and send that to those in florida. have to increase the debt ceiling. foreign crease spending. thank you so much host: so given what you just said, you've obviously thought about this, what do you make of the president striking this deal? >> well, he doesn't have enough reference in front of him as to going.ur fundings are we defunded meals and wheels. planned parenthood but in the 66 years involving spending, only one country has ever offered us assistance and that was japan katrina but the est of the world says it's not my job.
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brings to light the last few pages which is how much we spend on foreign spending for the total. 2016,u bring it updated to we actually have 70 calendar years of foreign aid meaning the total is going to go up. that means annual average goes up. what we need to do is look at report, look at the foreign aid and foreign spending and you're going to be shocked to we've been paying into it. that's your money. tax dollar.deral i want my money spent on americans and not on foreigners pond the host: all right. i'm going to leave it there. "wall street journal," front page. look at the picture. senate minority leader chuck schumer in the oval office with president donald trump after that meeting that about what to do o keep it open and avoid a government shutdown raising the debt ceiling which is the cap on how much the government can
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pay its bills and approving funding for hurricane harvey. is the hat will happen house approved that funding for hurricane harvey yesterday by an overwhelming vote. it now goes to the senate where majority ard senate leader mitch mcconnell is going the hurricane harvey funding to a debt ceiling increase for three months. then they will have to vote again. here is the minority leader that meeting with the president. > i think we listen to our arguments and we made the point, point that ade the this was very, very important call it political, he twice used short term 2013.ions in i'm sure it wasn't an economic to have it expire right after the november 18th elections.
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line is the president listened to the arguments. e think we made a very reasonable and strong argument. with his credit, he went the better argument. the fact that we're renewing the doing it with a date and not an amount means deal with le room to few which our storms, god forbid e need a lot of money for irma or other issues but the bottom line is we have a lot of issues to come together on. you almost always works out best in a bipartisan way when we can those issues together. so having the debt ceiling and funding of government expire t the same time gives another ample opportunity for bipartisanship not for one party amming its choices down the other.s of the
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they would have been stuck using an empty threat. voting against legislative package that includes the politically sensitive hurricane aid.ey democrats believe pushing the debt limit into december will leverage on several issues including the protection of dreamers and securing funds stabilize healthcare markets. the deal may also benefit mr. rump by allowing him to revive his threat to shut down the funding.nt over wall
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exclude democrats from major this fall.tes mark, you're an independent in california. what do you think about what in washington yesterday? a good deal was for daca people and that's what concerned about it. we get them and
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our country and allow them to here host: so you think by agreeing with democrats on the debt on government funding and harvey funding that paves the way for possibly a deal with democrats and this president on daca. deferred ax childhood arrivals. hildren who came here with undocumented parents. >> yes. concerned about. as much as i dislike trump, i'll along with this as long as we the daca people into our living that they belong because they have nowhere else to go to. host: all right. others have to say. jersey, democrat.w >> good morning. i have a couple of quick comments for you.
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believe this is hilarious watching this over the weeks.ouple of this is a great time to do a to see what the trump supporters feel about making this deal with the democrats. my second comment -- host: we're hoping they call in, tony. the e that voted for president. >> right. my second comment is about this wall business. time i checked, every rally during the campaign even supporters said mexico was going to pay for the upset d now they're not about it but so fiscally conservative. hilarious watching this. i'm about to go out and buy more popcorn because i ran out. great day. host: you might want to tune as the c-span 2 and c-span they take up this deal that was struck yesterday. "wall street
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journal." if the senate makes changes to the house's harvey bill which we passed overwhelmingly yesterday to add the debt funding provisions, the house must then approve the same version for sending it to for mr. trump's signature. a senate vote is expected friday. richard, nashville, tennessee. independent. what do you think? i'm 110% behind donald trump and i'll tell you why. host: okay. to make a 's got deal. even in your household, husband, wife, children. sooner or later, someone has to make a final decision on a major has to be bought or whatever and n that house. same thing with our country. majority needs to speak up and that's what you've seen. or what you've got is a lot of emocrats who went to the republican side not because they're necessarily behind trump but because they're behind the getting ng jobs,
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business back in america, getting control of our borders. getting control. i live in a neighborhood right to where 80% of it is turned into foreigners and when i work grocery store and i walk in that grocery store, i see with wic, foreigners every day on food stamps. neighbors who my are retired in their 60s and hey can't even afford healthcare, medicare. so we're either going to stand take over the or whole world and become a democracy. stand up and us to get behind somebody. for for america instead of their own party or their own affiliation with somebody. everybody is bought and paid for
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host: raising the debt ceiling is a tough vote for conservative who don't want to have to do that. let's raise the debt ceiling for months. that gives us political cover. we don't have to do it again election. and we'll make it difficult for democrats to vote against an increase because we'll put harvey funding attached to it. that was the strategy. and according to politico, white house officials told paul ryan, of the house, and mitch cconnell the night before, the ay night, that president would publicly back 18-month strategy. what do you think about that? what he's doing is playing
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both sides. negotiator. watch what he's doing. the same thing with foreign policy. thinking verybody about everything and if we don't up.nd 60 years ago, we had the korean war and i challenge all the to g people in this world stop and take notice. if we end up in a war overseas, all the domestic policy goes out window because we will all be working in the factories and to do whatever. you want to talk about saving coke cans and trading them in metal, that's what's going to happen because they're all going to be overseas fighting only 's going to take not an atomic bomb but troops and protect us.lse to
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ednesday morning after meeting with republicans behind closed speaker of the house -- sked about
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we have to respond to these hurricanes not to mention the that we have to start prepositioning for the fact that irma is about to hit florida and with the debt s ceiling like schumer and pelosi re doing i don't think is a good idea host: that was the speaker of the house yesterday. he along our later, with mitch mcconnell, nancy chuck schumer traveled down pennsylvania to the white house where the president okays democrats and spend.borrow agrees with democrats to raise
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ceiling. of this?t do you think >> i think this is the first time i could ever agree with we need to that going.he government we need to help harvey victims. absolutely. and raise the debt ceiling. ridiculous not to. he only trouble is they should probably make it longer but in like a , now it seems lot of the extreme conservatives are against this and for some reason paul ryan seems to be
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pants but if mitch mcconnell is for it, then it ust be the right thing to do host: so. >> that's all host: bill, did you vote for trump?ent >> oh, no. host: no. no.h, >> hi, barbara. good morning to you. >> how are you? hottest doing well. >> my thing is though why like -- different story. but trump pretty much has to to get h the democrats anything done. caller aret previous
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echoing aour comments "wall streetto the journal"s. the republican gang that can't shoot at each other straight. the american people may think republican a government but it's hard to tell. latest evidence came wednesday trump accepted an offer to raise the debt ceiling in return relief.ricane harvey republicans now will have to take at least two difficult the debt ceiling. the chances of a government risen n in december have sharply or at least they have if r. trump wants to puss something with more than a few republican votes. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell but is he trying to elect speaker pelosi.
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work of the actual dignity.ce beath their you're on the air. what do you think about this
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and between the president democrats? >> good morning. to make ree points about daca. i think it's a good program. young people should stay. home.s their econd point, to yesterday's cooperation with the democrats i think was excellent. hirdly, i think we should not waste our money to build any to giveause, a, we need young people education, not to blaming itinstead of on other people pushing drugs. host: okay. all right. chicago. democrat. good morning to you. what do you think? >> yes. good morning. how you doing? host: doing well. >> yeah. agree with just the whole concept that this is a deal. know, to call this a deal is really laying the bar down on
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the floor because nothing's been accomplished. it's just been pushed down for hree months and going to make it really more difficult. s a democrat, however, i'm happy because, well, nancy and they knowed the world how to legislate. to buy something that takes them off the hook casting votes and stuff. the pressure is off of them where they have to make a vote and get nothing deal.f the this is still going to come back up. hey're going to have a debt ceiling. it's probably going to be more money. running out of money because republicans under barack obama didn't put enough money in
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it to have the ecessary funds this year for this kind of -- this past hurricane. host: with his approval ratings lowes, mr. role trump can hardly afford to lose of they believe their president has betrayed them. republicans are already facing a to do list that threatens to drive them apart. government-funded -- there is a continuing debate over what kind of tax cuts congress should approve, and whether the plan mr. trump supports is too generous to corporations. resolved our presidents about whether the border wall will be paid for and if he can deliver the deep cuts to the federal bureaucracy that he promised. berkeley springs, west virginia, republican. caller: good morning.
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president obama increased the national debt by $11 trillion, more than all the other presidents combined. about ever says anything what happens when we can't borrow more money. if they lower our credit rating, it the interest rate goes up? we are in a bad situation here. the possibility of this country going bankrupt is a good possibility, and if you elect another democrat, i guarantee this country will be in trouble. delaware, independent, you are next.
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let's move on to robert in new york, republican. what you think about this agreement between the president and democrats? caller: i think it is a normal process. i want to piggyback on what carl said. that after the election and the concerns of the people who didn't support president trump -- seeing the lack of discussion about the debt for this country and the control of the debt for the future, i was talking to colleagues at work, it is interesting -- is there really such a thing as a debt? is this all make-believe? the republicans aren't complaining about it, the democrats aren't. maybe this is superficial subject where there is no such thing as money. you believe, if that, and as a republican, what
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do you think about your republican president raising the debt ceiling? caller: he has no choice. we do it every year, why would this year they different? host: so you think this is how washington works, no big deal? my point -- maybe they know that money is just a piece of paper that you print, and someday we will just erase the chalkboard. host: we will go back to dover, delaware, independent. are you there? caller: i think that trump has learned how to play politics. he's starting to see that it doesn't matter what republicans do or what is going to happen downstream. that -- what he is that i don't have
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to worry about them getting elected, because in the end, my base is going to support me. i have to put them in a position whereby, three months, or when it is time to be collected, they are going to depend on me to support them. democrats,s for the i will have them on my side as well. so come tax reform, i can get their votes. --ependent republicans host: the president went to north dakota yesterday to bush tax reform and brought with him the democratic -- to push tax , and brought the democratic senator from that state. president, he even invited her on the stage with him and said i think she is
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going to support tax reform. you can watch his entire speech in north dakota on our website. ralph inr from augusta, georgia. caller: good morning. this, to me, is laughable, because congress should have come back early. town hall meetings -- they knew these problems were looming, they knew this was neededng -- these items to be taken care of, and they did not come back and did nothing. now, they are sitting there and want me to have sympathy for ,hem, coming out with a meeting and now i have no sympathy for them. i don't agree with president done,on anything he has because neither party right now is concerned about the people. they are sitting back and -- because ofping
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what is happening to them. what goes around comes around. they did the same when president obama was in office. group on met with a the night of his inauguration saying they were going to do nothing, and since then, they have done nothing. host: this headline from the associated press -- mcconnell nearly doubles harvey aid package. the ap reports that the latest before 6s from shortly a.m.. majority leader mitch mcconnell tossed midnight move added 7.4 an emergencyrs -- replenishment for disaster aid. the additional money is to jumpstart real -- rebuilding efforts. it could come as early as today
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now. on $7.9 billion. but majority leader has added an additional $7.4 billion. what is the deal the president struck -- now this has to go back to the house where paul ryan has to get some republicans to vote for this. republicans who were already against raising the debt ceiling in the first place and wanted a clean, straight vote on the debt ceiling. what are your thoughts on the deal the president struck and the actions taking place in the senate and house? before we get to more phone calls, some other news. the u.s. speaks power to ships -- seeksn power. the trump administration on wednesday -- empowering the
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united states navy and air force to interdict north korean ships tosea, inspect them determine if they are carrying weapons material or fuel into the country, and use all necessary measures to enforce compliance. the language is included in a broad draft that would ban the shipment of all crude oil, refined petroleum, and natural gas to north korea, seeking to plunge the country into a deep freeze this winter if its leaders fail to begin giving up their nuclear weapon and missile programs. the resolution circulated three days after the north conducted its largest nuclear test today, blocking all the assets of kim the country's military and soul political party. a vote is being pushed in the un security council for september 11. , the u.s. ambassador
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to the u.n., is pushing for this vote to take place. negotiations have expanded to .ll members of the council china and russia are likely to oppose this draft, and they could veto it. they had veto power in the security council. that is the latest on north korea. the deal struck in washington yesterday between the president and democrats. hawaii, republican. did you vote for president trump? caller: yes i did. host: what do you think? caller: i think he did a good job. after republicans sandbagged him on seven years of repeal and replace obamacare, they thought they had him in a box, so he made a deal with the democrats. now they have to come back and work. host: you think it was a good move. caller: you've got to remember
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that ronald reagan worked with democrats. there was no republican majority back then, and he got a lot done. i think president trump might be able to do the same. host: what do you think of the other possible deals? tax reform? caller: yes. president werehe to agree with some programs for dreamers, the kids brought here with no choice by undocumented parents? to myself, ifeve, he doesn't eliminate daca, i won't vote for him in 2020. a lot of my friends feel the same way. host: that, for you, would be the breaking point. was born and raised in america and i can't qualify for those programs, and billions of dollars go to these people, and there is no way to check to see if they are working or if they will stay on welfare the rest of their life. might be interested in
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this headline. 15 states and d.c. file suits to save daca. a group of attorneys general filed a lawsuit to stop the administration from winding down the daca program, which granted a reprieve from deportation to undocumented immigrants. the suit, filed in federal courts, alleges that -- i'll stated commitments -- to punish and disparage people with mexican roots. that is in the washington post this morning. from the daily 202 column in the washington post. immigration becomes a litmus test for democrats. the house passed the dream act in 2010 which would allow illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship -- five moderate democrats voted no.
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if each of them had supported it, the bill would have become law. resident barack obama's establishment of daca would have been unnecessary. tester -- democrat from montana -- is one of the progresscrat still in -- of those five democrats. up for reelection in a state that president donald he was against- back at in 2010. the untold story is the degree to which democrats are in lockstep on an issue that at one point divided them. -- part of a larger lurch to the left in the democratic party on the host of hot button issues. the matter where you are from, it is harder than ever to be a
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democratic candidate against gun control, abortion rights, or single-payer health insurance. here is paul ryan yesterday talking about the president's decision to resend it. he says it was the right one. >> president trump was right in his decision. thatncouraged by the fact he gave us time to work out a consensus, to find a compromise. these kids don't, for the most part, no any other home. i think the president was right to give us time to find a compromise. months spend the next figuring out where the compromise is. i think it is reasonable and appropriate that when you take a look at the daca dilemma, this comes in large part from the fact that it is a symptom of a larger problem. the larger problem is we don't have control of our borders.
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it is only reasonable and fitting that we also address the root cause of the problem, borders that are not sufficiently controlled, while we address this very real and human problem that is in front of us. i think it is perfectly reasonable. youre second part of question, we will not advance legislation that does not have the support of president trump, because we will work with him on how to do legislation. legislation coming through that is supported by the president, i'm confident our members will support that. host: on the daca decision by the president, democrats are hoping that after striking a the with the president on debt and harvey funding, they are thinking they could get a deal with daca. in the washington journal -- trump makes deal on debt,
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working the gop irking -- irking the gop. caller: i think it is time the citizens of the united states that our government is being controlled by the mafia billionaires, and that we are being ran over, and all of our money is being stolen. every bad decision that can be made is being made on purpose. it is not hard to run this country. why isn't mexico paying for some of the struggle? why aren't we arresting and filing charges against the businesses that hire illegal aliens? we don't have to build a billion-dollar wall, we are arresting innocent poor people. we are not arresting the businessmen causing this trouble. they are causing all of the , and wein this country
7:45 am
way,ot -- this is our only our voices are getting out there , through washington journal, and it's sad we don't have a bigger platform, because all the decisions being made -- and that includes north korea -- are this terrible. these are supposed to be educated people running our country, and they are acting like they are so stupid. i don't understand how they get away -- donald trump totally lied to me about everything he promised. he promised to get out of wars, clean the swamp. he just crawled in bed with everybody. host: you voted for him? caller: i voted for donald trump. i hurt so much inside myself, because i believed in this world-class businessmen, that he
7:46 am
was going to use his experience and education to help this country get out of the trouble it is in, and he lied to me. going to do everything you want, and he is doing the opposite. i can't believe that he killed so many people so easily, let's our military run our country, like we can just kill whoever we want. in this are so afraid country, they are afraid to walk out the door because they don't know if they are going to be killed by a villain or a cop. host: robert in michigan, independent color. caller.endent up,er: people better wake reading the bible, deuteronomy 28.
7:47 am
-- if you obey god. in deuteronomy 29, all the curses will come upon you if you disobey. we are under curse because we disobeyed god. abortion, all of this. god is not going to put up with it. you people can talk all you want up there. all the talk you have done, and there is nothing to be done. the people running our country are in the same boat. you don't even know what the bible says. i'm going to ask you a question. do know the gospel? guest: why does that matter to you? caller: god is in control of this whole thing. he is letting you have your sin way. host: ok. kathleen and ridgefield, new jersey. withresident meets democrats and republicans in the
7:48 am
oval office, disagrees with his party, and says let's go with the democrats. caller: i don't think he was doing that. i think that the news media probably is a big part of the problem he is having. we've all been hearing the negative words they've been saying about the president since he's gotten elected and beforehand. i believe there should be term limits so nobody gets too comfortable with our money. i think president trump is sending a party -- a message to both parties, especially the republicans who are not with him by health care. he lost health care by getting , apromoted by senator mccain longtime senator. his hands have been tied since his election -- even his own party has thrown donald trump under the bus. threek the last administrations have been kicking the can down the road with regard to the wall, immigrants, the drugs, the
7:49 am
the health care, and more spending. there should be immediate spending for the tragedies of , and thed maybe irma military, and curtail the welfare, food stamps, and unlimited spending on women having children that the u.s. can't afford. i think something should be done about it. i have taken personal responsibility. my husband died, he had cancer. he left me with three children. my answer to all that was to continue to work and be responsible. and my i handle my money family is the way i want this government to handle my money when they are spending in washington. we don't have unlimited funds here. god bless america, the president, and i hope he goes forward.
7:50 am
everything they have been saying about him, the senate and congress, has been to take -- despicable and un-american. she believes the president was giving a warning to republican leaders about not being loyal to him, something int newspaper observers washington are writing about as well. john in california, republican. good morning. i think the last caller hit it right on the head, but i would like to add to that and say trump was elected for all americans. democrats and republicans. all need to start getting behind him, because he will listen to democratic ideas if they are good ideas. he is going to solve problems. a lady before me said the previous administrations kick the can, and that is exactly what has happened. now you've got a president who
7:51 am
is evenhanded and fair, and will look at all the issues, and will make the right decision and solve these problems. it may not make everyone happy, but these problems will get solved. host: the previous caller said the president has just done what washington always does, kick the can down the road because they will now have to vote again in three months in december. caller: i don't think so. just, these things are kicking the can down the road. they have known about the debt ceiling for a while. the congress has been slow to act, the republican congress has failed on the agenda. i think it is time to unite the democrats and republicans and is whats, and that trump is trying to do. there's bad democrats and that republicans, and we had to get them out of there. christine, new hampshire,
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independent. what do you think? good morning. kudos to all your calls. they all have the right idea. this is ridiculous. congress is suggesting they might close down. why? they aren't getting paid enough? they get six figures. as the business pass on savings to the employees, because that is who needs it. taking our money and threatening to close congress -- what are they doing anyway? i think they should get to work and get behind president trump -- he is very truthful and knows what has to be done. why are we listening? host: you are an independent who supports president trump in this deal. in political news, here is with the headline --
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, with the headline -- likely to face the serious primary challenge when she is up again for reelection. also, representative dave reichart won't run for reelection. the republican congressman says he will not run for reelection. you can read more there. let's go to midland, texas, independent. caller: good morning. you know, when i proposed this to my, with the statement local radio host, answering -- i said tonton the audience to --
7:54 am
for these governments to be able -- after i dids ,his, and president bush junior, became president, do you know what he did? example, gave at least 1 how much money can we put plane of the u.s. military? host: james in florida, democrat. what do you think about this agreement between the president and democrats? caller: hello?
7:55 am
the lady was talking about --rtion days -- a child cannot be borne to come into this evil world. after the death of christ, their past -- host: what you think about the deal made in washington? caller: i love it. -- firstist died corinthians 16, chapters one and two, it will tell you how that christians supported -- host: tom, texas, republican.
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caller: donald trump did what he had to do. he can go up to the reflection pond in front of the washington monument, walk across the water, and the headlines tomorrow would be donald trump can't swim. host: your point? caller: he had to do what he had to do to get the funding for texas. we have a hurricane coming in to florida. a lot of democrats say it is a political football. he had to kick it down the road three months, not like it hasn't happened before. he did what he had to do to get the funding for texas. that is the immediate need, what a good president does. he works on the immediate needs immediately. that is what -- washington is not used to doing that. , when ind to hyperbole
7:57 am
fact, there are needs that need to be met. --t: wall street journal hurricane heads toward florida. the paper reported that airlines , theslashed their flights cost of their flights, for the remaining flights out of florida , and a fuel situation. irma evacuees drain gas station pumps, and also shortage of water and other resources. in washington today, here is the new york times. trump jr. will sit with interview with senate russia investigators. he will be behind closed doors meeting with the senate judiciary committee to talk about the meeting he had with those russian officials last year during the election. that is from the new york times. also, in washington today, a second hearing on shoring up
7:58 am
insurance markets, health-care markets. yesterday, the senate health ,are committee had a hearing and the headline in the washington times -- yesterday, they met with commissioners. today, they will meet with governors. we will have coverage of that at on c-span 3,n time, and the c-span radio app, if you want to listen along. let me show you what happened yesterday before the health committee. patty murray of washington spoke about the importance of immediate long-term fixes on health care. ,> congress can act right away once and for all, that out-of-pocket reductions will continue, and we will have a , as theindow to do that
7:59 am
chairman said, before insurance --finalized their plans i'm glad there are members on both sides of the aisle who agree we need to take the steps. it is critical we work toward a multiyear solution. the most impact on family premiums and traces in the marketplace. it takes plans months to develop their race. if we don't find a multiyear solution, we will be back in this room patching the same problem a few months from now, certainly not what certainty looks like. aroundnd of discussion our health-care care system is with democrats have hoped for. we have put forward a number of weas -- as i've said before, are more than ready to consider additional ideas from the other side of the aisle to make our health care system work better for families and patients.
8:00 am
forward, notving backward, unaffordability, coverage, and quality of care. families have rejected the damaging approach taken by trumpcare, which would have rid of critical protections, like those for pre-existing conditions. i think that threading this needle will not be easy, but i believe in agreements that protect patients and families from higher costs and uncertainty and maintains the current guardrails in our health care system. this'll make a difference for the patients and families we serve, and could create a bipartisan foundation for future work. host: that was patty murray talking about shoring up the insurance market, and trying to lower premiums. the discussion continues before the senate health care committee today. we will have coverage of that in one hour, at 9 a.m. eastern time
8:01 am
at c-span3,, or on the radio at so -- or on the radio app. theother headline -- financial times, the president will get a chance to leave his mark on the federal reserve, because stanley fischer has submitted his resignation as vice chair of the federal reserve. a letter to the president, he said he would leave in october for personal reasons which he did not detail. mayterm, which began in 2014, was not due to expire in june of next year. he has been an opponent of the president's policy of the regulating finance -- mr. fisher was seen as more hawkish than janet yellen. in fed chair's term is up february, and trump has made clear that he may not reappoint her.
8:02 am
the washington report -- the washington journal reports that gary cohn is unlikely to be the pick for fed chairman. president donald trump is unlikely to nominate him, his top economic advisor, as the next federal chair. mr. trump told the wall street journal in july that he was potentialg him as a successor to janet yellen, whose term expires in early february. that is the latest. tom in ohio, independent. what do you think of the president striking a deal with the debt limit? caller: good morning. president is going to make these kind of deals. you can make a deal with the democrats as long as it has a
8:03 am
lot of spending in it, because they like to spend my money. but i don't like a lot of the stuff they spend it on. tom from texas took the rest of my story i wanted to tell. greta, something i would like to see you do -- when everyone calls and, the first thing they need to do is tell you the name of their senator and congressman , and if they don't know the name of their center and congressman, i don't think we need to listen to what they have to say. mine are on speed dial. i talked to them on a regular basis almost. every time something comes up but i want to voice my opinion on and let them know how i feel, and how they should vote. host: how many phone calls do you think that would eliminate? caller: probably about 80% of them. [laughter] host: ok. we wil


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